MedCalc 5.4

Calculate all sorts of clinical equations

MedCalc is a medical calculator running on Palm Powered™ handheld devices. It is designed for rapid calculation of common equations used in clinical medicine (including anesthesiology, pediatrics, emergency, intensive care and internal medicine).

Features of MedCalc include:

  • easy to use
  • frequently updated (see version history)
  • comprehensive (83 formulas and counting, see complete list)
  • formulas sorted by categories (including a fully customizable favorite category)
  • units available either in S.I. or local units (defaults can be set for each item)
  • most formulas come with bibliographic references and clinical tips
  • full-featured infusion management tool
  • pregnancy wheel
  • results can be saved for later retrieval
  • available in english and french versions
  • fully compatible with Palm OS 5 (with high-density application icon)

Popular and easy to use medical calculator for Palm PDAs.

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MedCalc 5.4

User reviews about MedCalc

  • jason.lin

    by jason.lin

    "Please could your develop the application for iPhone?"

    I am a iPhone user. Like all the other medical students, i need this application. Do you have any plan on this?.   More.